Pears Global Real Estate Denmark is investment advisor to The Pears Family Trust in relation to its real estate portfolio in Denmark.

Active in Denmark since 2012, Pears Global Real Estate Denmark operates from its office in the neighbourhood of Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Pears Global Real Estate Denmark advises The Pears Family Trust on all aspects of property ownership, including acquisitions, financing, asset management and divestments.

To date, Pears Global Real Estate Denmark has advised on the acquisition of a diversified real estate portfolio comprising some 2,500 residential and commercial units with a total AUM of DKK 5 billion.



The portfolio generally focuses on residential properties, either existing or with a long-term redevelopment potential, predominantly in Copenhagen and major Danish cities.

Currently, our investment portfolio consists of 2,500 residential units with a total value of some DKK 5 billion (2018).

See portfolio examples below.


Residential portfolio

Copenhagen, Frederiksberg & Valby | Acquired in 2013 | 33 properties

Residential portfolio

In and around Copenhagen | Acquired in 2015 | 127 properties

Mixed-use residential and commercial portfolio

Copenhagen, Frederiksberg & Charlottenlund | Acquired in 2015 | 26 properties




Torben Schon, Chairman, Board of Directors

T: +45 5016 0000
E: torben.schon@pearsglobal.dk

Anne Sofie Vett Raaschou, Investment Executive

T: +45 24 94 09 74
E: sofie.raaschou@pearsglobal.dk

Bjarne Eriksen, Asset Manager

T: +45 7172 5587
E: bjarne.eriksen@pearsglobal.dk

Edgar Vøgg, Senior Legal Officer

T: +45 2139 1126
E: edgar.vogg@pearsglobal.dk

Jannie Sonne, Letting & Asset Manager

T: +45 5133 8311
E: jannie.sonne@pearsglobal.dk

Mia Luna Ambrosius Aagaard, Junior Analyst

T: +45 3543 2503
E: mia.ambrosius@pearsglobal.dk

Patrick Bruggisser, Assistant Accountant

T: +45 3543 2503
E: patrick.bruggisser@pearsglobal.dk

Trine Andersen, Office Manager

T: +45 5370 4319
E: trine.andersen@pearsglobal.dk



Pears Global Real Estate Denmark ApS

Fridtjof Nansens Plads 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

T: +45 35 43 25 03
E: denmark@pearsglobal.dk